We believe that design changes lives. Beauty surrounds us and is attainable at every price point. The way you decorate your home has everything to do with how you live your life. Our creative skills allow us to provide thoughtful design concepts globally-with successful projects from Florida to Calgary. We design home interiors that capture the homeowners’ essence while delivering dramatic, memorable design concepts regardless of where you live geographically and what your budget is.

You’re here because:

1.You know your home needs an update but you’re not sure where to start.

2.Your frustrated with lack of storage, traffic flow with the family and would appreciate someone to give you honest advice on how to improve things.

3.You see rooms on TV and in magazines but worry that those rooms cost more then you are willing to spend when life already costs so much.

If this is you then we should be on.


E-Design (online design services)

E-Design is a fun, affordable way to get the new room you want and engage with us regardless of where you live. We create a personalized design concept for you all sourced from accessible online stores and delivered right to your door, we provide you with a personality filled design concept and shopping list to easily place product orders yourself. With simple photos, some basic measurements and a budget parameter provided by you we design a rockin’ hot room concept that you will completely lust after.  Of course, we are only a Skype chat away if you would like a little more direction and we will happily shop or style the room with accessories for you just in time for a fabulous cocktail party!  Styling and shopping is billed per hour. Thanks to our designer collaborations, our styling services are available in most major Canadian cities. Want to see an example of what you receive with this service? Head over here. To purchase you can contact us or add to your shopping cart here.

E-Design Rates Per Room:

Entryway/Hallway/Powder Room $250

Family Room/Living Room/Dining Room/Bedroom/Office  $900

Kitchen/Bathroom $1200

*Our rates do not include furnishings.

Full Service Design Client- VIP SERVICE

All in on the fun? This full service design package is for those of you who live in Toronto, Ontario (and surrounding area) or Victoria, British Columbia and crave the VIP treatment (meaning we do most of the work for you!). As our full service client we handle everything from sourcing to installation. You will get all the service offered above but we will also venture out and source from local vendors, custom trades, construction, handle orders, shipping/receiving, set up and styling your home.  Please send us photos of your house/room along with some points about your project. From there we will talk numbers and timelines with you in order to provide you with a quote. Contact Us or find out more about Amanda on Instagram